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Our Story
My name is Nancy Horne, and I established Jeffrey’s Voice to fund research that will lead to a cure for Leukemia and Blood Cancers. In addition to so many others, perhaps someone you know or love, blood cancer took the lives of two beautiful and amazing young brothers – Jeffrey, directly, and Brian, indirectly. Jeffrey and Brian Horne are my children, and, but for Leukemia, they would be here with me today.
It is not clear what causes blood cancers, so there are no known ways to prevent them. They strike indiscriminately and show no mercy. Their effects are devastating and the treatments very difficult for both the victims and their families. While progress has been made in the search for a cure, there is much work still to be done. That’s why research into the causes and cures is so very critical.
Please take the time to watch our videos, to learn more about blood cancers, and to support our efforts to find a cure. Together, we truly can make a difference. Together, we can reach the day when no more are lost to blood cancers, when all remissions are permanent, and when, finally, there is a cure.
Thank you for your help,
Nancy Horne
Nancy Horne, Founder & President of Jeffrey's Voice, Inc. Mother of Jeffrey & Brian Horne

Carry the Torch - The Story of Jeffrey's Voice

Our Mission

Our mission carries forward the desires of two young brothers, Jeffrey Horne, himself a victim of Acute Mylogenous Leukemia, and his younger brother, bone marrow/stem cell transplant donor, Brian Horne. Jeffrey succumbed to leukemia at the age of 20 years. Less than five months after losing his brother, Brian died of sudden cardiac arrest & acute respiratory failure (a broken heart) at the age of 19. Both young men were vocal in expressing the need for research for a cure and participated in a variety of charitable activities on behalf of this cause.

What are blood cancers?
What causes blood cancer?
What are the risks of developing blood cancer?
What treatments are available?

Answers to these questions as well as information on the major types of blood cancer:leukemia (acute and Chronic), lymphoma and multiple myeloma can be found on our Blood Cancer Facts page.

Blood Cancer Facts

Ways To Help

There are many ways a company or individual can become involved, and each of them will help in the fight against blood cancers.
Together we can make certain that Jeffrey’s voice and the voices of the many, many others affected by Leukemia and blood cancers, continue to be heard. Please follow the link below to learn about other ways you can help us find a cure for leukemia.

Together, we can reach the day when no more are lost to blood cancers, when all remissions are permanent, and when, finally, there is a cure.


Together, We CAN...