Jeffrey's Voice Financials

When you donate to a charity, we understand that you want to know how your dollars are being used. At Jeffrey’s Voice, we’re pleased to report that each one of your dollars is under careful stewardship and supports our single mission of funding research for a cure for Leukemia and Blood Cancers. In fact, 95% of every dollar you donate goes only for that.

You can view our IRS Forms 990 and CPA compilations at Guidestar ~

You can also contact for additional information. Full transparency is our goal, so that you can confidently donate to Jeffrey’s Voice and know that you are helping in the fight to cure Leukemia.

  • Research
  • Fundraising
  • Administarion
Board of Trustees
  • Nancy Horne, President
  • Laura Burdett, Vice-President
  • Dianne Minaberry, Secretary-Treasurer
  • Paula Fowler, Director
  • Ryan Burdette, Director
  • Lynne O’Brien, Director

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