That mission carries forward the desires of two young brothers, Jeffrey Hammond Horne, himself a victim of Acute Mylogenous Leukemia, and his younger brother and bone marrow/stem cell transplant donor, Brian Daniel Horne.

Jeffrey Horne succumbed to leukemia at the age of 20 years. Less than five months after losing his brother, Brian Horne died of sudden cardiac arrest and acute respiratory failure (a broken heart) at the age of 19.

Both young men were vocal in expressing the need for research for a cure and participated in a variety of charitable activities on behalf of this cause. At Jeffrey’s Voice, we know that the best way to help those struggling with leukemia and blood cancers today, and those yet to come, is to find a cure. So, we remain focused on the single goal of reaching the day when no more are lost to these diseases, the day when all remissions are permanent, and the day when there is a cure for all.

In 2010, Jeffrey’s Voice established the Jeffrey’s Voice Leukemia Research Fund at the Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. Jeffrey’s Voice continues its support of this Fund that provides important assistance to research initiatives in the Bone Marrow Transplant Department at Emory.

Together, We CAN...

Together we can

Find a Cure

Please take the time to watch our videos, to learn more about blood cancers, and to support our efforts to find a cure. Together, we truly can make a difference. Together, we can reach the day when no more are lost to blood cancers, when all remissions are permanent, and when, finally, there is a cure.